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Muharjenje v Sloveniji - Flyfishing in Slovenia :: Forums :: Muharjenje v Sloveniji [Flyfishing in Slovenia] :: Muharski dogodki [Fly fishing events]
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[Report & Invitation] 24th Slovenian Open & 13th National Fly Tying Contest 2011
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Thursday 13 October 2011 - 22:57:51

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24th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship for a best artificial fly of 2011 and 13th National Fly Tying Championship Report

»Georg Christel (Germany) wins the Contest once again!«

This year we´ve been really happy for having a possibility to judge and grade, but most of all admire such a nice patterns that came to our Contest which was a crossbreed of different approaches, techniques, innovation, different concepts of fly tying. Tyers from all over the world, demonstrated the art of fly tying at its best.

(photo: Denis Obad)

Fly Tying Commission of the Fishing Assosiation of Slovenia has organized a 24th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship and 13th National Championship which makes this event very special in a world fly tying history. Our Championship is the second oldest in Europe and we are very proud of it. This year we received 72 patterns from 11 countries. They arrived from: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Finland, France, Italy, Canada, Kosovo, Germany, Serbia, Spain, USA and Slovenia.

Awarded nymphs in the Open Contest:

1. Saša Bencun Roka (SRB) - Pecinara

2. Alfons Schefhold (GER) - Fortuna

3. Aleš Lukmar (SLO) - Laška Betka

Tyers competed in 4 traditional categories: dry flies, nymphs & wet flies, streamers and realistic patterns. Commission consisting of: members S. Erlih, B. Podbevsek, D. Obad and myself as a president, has graded patterns upon a criteria, determined in a Official Contest Regulations. Criteria consisted of the following elements: correct relation of the tying elements, firmness, technique used, adequacy of the materials used, general impression, inovativness and originality. In realistic category we gave special attention to the imitating value of a pattern.

Awarded dry flies:

1. Mikel Elexpuru (ESP) - Quironomid Emerger Dead

2. Stojan Josimović (KOS) - Žuta jednodnevka

3. Branko Gašparin (SLO) - Olivka

Commission is very happy to see that the quality of received patterns improved throughout the years. Competition among participants is bigger and that is the goal we wanted to achieve because this also improves the general quality of our contest.

We have to mention that we still notice some mistakes which are made by some of the participants who do not follow the rules of the contest. This year we couldn´t grade a few flies because tiers sent only one pattern and not two same patterns as it is stated in rules of the contest. Unfortunatelly such patterns left without their grades. Some tiers correctly send two flies in each category but they are not similar- for ex. one is tied on a hook no. #6 and the other on a hook no. #10. They look the same but their size differs. Its a pitty that such patterns have to be disqualified or that they are left without proper grades.

Awarded streamers:

1. Herold Holger (GER) - Huchen Tube Kombi

2. Davide Sacchi (ITA) - Foxy & Piky

3. Ivan Tomaselli (ITA) - Steam Sosti

We have to point out how important it is to send flies in proper packaging. Sometimes we get flies completely smashed in an envelope, so we cannot grade them with the grades they deserve.

We are very satisfied with a participation of foreign participants but somehow slovenian fly tiers are still in a minority. In Slovenia there are many fly tiers and we really hope that they send more their patterns to us. There is absolutely no need to be scared of a contest. Despite of that, some Slovenian tyers achieved a really great success in an Open Contest, which is a specially important achievement.

German master of fly tying Mr. Georg Christel is a this years absolute, overall winner with his realistic pattern »River Hunter« with a top notch 389 points out of 400. He repeated last year´s success when he won the contest with the pattern called »Maifliege« or May fly. This year he was awarded by a custom made split cane rod by the famous Slovenian rod-maker Radivoj Šavli. We would like to thank Mr. Šavli for his kind support of the contest and of course to Mr. Georg Christel for winning the Championship again!

Awarded patterns in the realistic category:

1. Georg Christel (GER) - River Hunter

2. Saša Bencun Roka (SRB) - Yellow Mayfly

3. Stojan Josimović (KOS) - Perlodes Microcephala

For the end we would like to express our sincere congratulations to all winners and a big thanks to all participants. You are kindly invited to join our 25th Slovenian Open & 14th Nationals. We are proud of the fact that we have the possibility to run this event, the second oldest fly tying contest in Europe and that we enjoy such a trust of all of you who send your masterpieces to us.

A few pics from the prize giving ceremony at hotel Kovač in Osilnica:

Thanks again to all of you, to Slovenian fishing association, to Fishing Club of Kočevje and hotel Kovač with its staff who kindly hosted us in a beautiful surroundings of the Kolpa river. Many thanks to Slovenian fishing Clubs and Fisheries Research Institute for participating in the awards pool with nearly 100 licences for the most beautiful Slovenian fly fishing districts.

See you next year!

All photos copyrighted by Luka Hojnik, 2011.

[ Edited Friday 14 October 2011 - 08:45:15 ]
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Thursday 13 October 2011 - 23:24:41

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Joined: Wednesday 01 March 2006 - 19:08:50
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Invitation to the 25th Slovenian Open & 14th National Fly Tying Championship 2012

Flyfishing section of the Slovenian Fishing Association (SFA or in Slovenian RZS- Ribiska Zveza Slovenije) is announcing the 25th annual Slovenian open & 14th National fly tying championship for the year 2012.

Tiers are allowed to participate in following categories:

1. Dry Flies
2. Nymphs & Wet Flies
3. Streamers
4. Realistic Flies

Conditions of participation are as follows:

1. Each fly tier is allowed to compete in each of the categories with one fly only, which must be sent in 2 samples. The chosen fly should not be a part of the tiers participation in any of his/her previous tying competitions.

2. Package with each sample should contain:
• Name of the fly (Known or new);
• Password to prove the fly's origin;
• Description of used materials (Recipe);
• Size and type of the hook used;
• Name of the animal that is being imitated (if possible a photography as well! *This only considers category - Realistic Flies)

Jury will automatically reject all samples that will contain natural insect parts (such as wings, legs, etc) as a part of the fly!

3. In the accompanying letter tiers must write their names, addresses, names of the flies and passwords. Letter should be in the enclosed envelope together with the fly. Copies of those letters must be kept by the authors until the end of the competition.

4. For the judging of flies jury will consider the following criteria:
• Proportions of the fly,
• firmness and technical aspect of the tying,
• suitability of the chosen materials,
• general impression and
• innovativeness;
• in the 4. th category »imitating level« will be the most important criterion!

5. Jury holds the right to classify samples in different categories if necessary!

6. Decision of the jury is final!

7. Jury will consider all samples that will reach the following address by the 31st January 2012

8. Please send flies in a package that prevents them to be destroyed during shipping.

9. Samples should be sent to the following address:

Ribiska Zveza Slovenije (for the competition 2012)
Trzaska 134
1001 Ljubljana

Considering previous criteria jury will impart the best 3 flies in each category with practical prizes, licences for the best Slovenian fly fishing districts and diplomas. All participants will be previously informed about their achievements.

FAS- Fly fishing Section President: Luka Hojnik

FAS- President : Borut Jerše

[ Edited Thursday 13 October 2011 - 23:42:04 ]
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